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Painex Pain Clinic multi-specialty non-surgical pain clinic in Pune. We are a chain of the specialized pain management center's in Pune

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Varsha Kurhade(Painex)- Pain Specialist In Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad

Pain Management is a well-known medical specialty that uses science to the reduction of pain. It applies to a wide range of pain conditions. The pain management concept is a rapidly emerging medical specialty that treats all types of pain with a multidisciplinary approach and non-surgical methods. Painex,
pain management clinic Pune is one of the best center to treat all types of body pains!

Dr. Varsha Kurhade, renowned pain management & Pain Specialist In Pune with 10+ years of experience and practice at the Painex Pain Clinic Pune, says: “We evaluate, rehabilitate and treat people in pain”.

In pain treatment, our initiative to “take pain seriously and treat it aggressively” has produced considerable gains. Thousands of patients have been treated with this approach, and we have assisted them in returning to a pain-free lifestyle.

Our team of Painex- Pain Specialist In Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad are experts in understanding the complexities of pain management & its treatment. We “look at the problem from all angles” and treat it with a multimodel approach to get a high success rate.  Our patient-centric approach helps us to improve the final results. Visit our Pain management clinic Pune for comprehensive non-surgical treatment options

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Speciality Pain Management Clinic Pune

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We Provide All Aspects Of Pain Relief Practice For Your Whole Family!

To assist alleviate pain, we now have a variety of options, including medication, interventional pain management techniques (nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulators, and similar therapies), physiotherapy, and alternative medicine.

Pain management’s main purpose is to reduce pain rather than eradicate it. Other objectives include improving function and raising the quality of life. These three objectives are intertwined. We have a committed staff of skilled and experienced pain physicians at Painex, a pain management clinic in Pune.

Our pain management clinics can be found all across Pune and the Pimpri Chinchwad area. Through numerous public awareness initiatives, business health talks, and society awareness lectures, we are going toward teaching about new era pain management treatments. Our ultimate objective is to raise public knowledge about novel pain treatment procedures so that people can enjoy #painfree lives. Visit our pain clinic pune and Pimpri Chinchwad today!


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Serve the community by increasing the quality of life via improved health. We have implemented policies to protect our patients and staff while continuing to offer medically essential care.

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