PIVD cervical spine treatment success story


PIVD cervical spine treatment success story

A real story narrated will have a better influence than just a reading. Here is an anecdote of patient who suffers from Cervical PIVD and how she gets finally treated. Will share the details of insights about the aspects that plays an important role to while treating the patient.

What is PIVD Cervical Spine?

Firstly, as we know the Cervical PIVD or PIVD Cervical Spine or prolapsed Intervertebral disc is a condition that occurs when the material inside the spinal disc rupture through outer layer and compresses in the spinal canal. This may cause pain and discomfort like symptoms.

PIVD can caused by the age-related wear & tear, injuries and degenerative conditions.  Its is important that to seek expert medical help to treat the such conditions before it get worsened.

Success Story of PIVD Cervical Spine Patient

50 years of female came with cc of pain in the neck radiating to RT shoulder to upper area. It was associated with tingling, numbness and occasional slippage of things from (RT) hand. These symptoms persisted for 8-9 months. Patient has taken self-prescribed pain killers on and off. Over this period patient was unable to do routine things & household work like making or cooking food, holding simple objects like cup or pen. All the complaints were aggregating day by day.

Evaluation of Patient for PIV Cervical Spine:

Patient visited our clinic Dr. Varsha Kurhade’s (Painex- Pain Management Clinic) and was evaluated physically with all possible ways. Then she was prescribed medicines for 7 first days. In her 2nd visit pain decreased but not go completely. Then decided to go for more evaluation and advised for MRI.

As the MRI report showed the degenerative changes of cervical spine and disc bulges with protrusions at multiple levels causing varying degrees od stenosis and neural compression of C3, C4, C5, C6 & C7 were affected predominantly cervical PIVD with radiculopathy was diagnosed.

Treatment part for PIVD cervical spine:

As we are the specialty branch in the medical science which deals with non surgical pain management procedures with no side effects.  Many patients were suffering from cervical spine disorder but can’t get treated properly, some of suggested for surgery some take self-medications or pain killers to reduce the pain for while but still many people were unable to find the right treatment option for spine related disorders and they suffered for many years with this discomfort.

In Pain management we believe in “take pain seriously and treat them aggressively”. We did same thing in this case also. We started the line of action after the MRI report, that the patient has to treated with intervention at hospital. We decided the Cervical Epidural Adhesiolysis to be done with this patient.